Ensure You Are Empty While Having Yoga

If there is some food in your stomach, your body will feel very heavy when you are doing yoga, and your body can not be stretched enough.
When you are having yoga, if there is food in your stomach, the food will move with your body, this is not good got your health, and yoga will not only focus on your body but also on the energy, so, if there is food in your stomach, the energy of yoga can not flow everywhere of your body smoothly. And some of the energy of yoga will flow to alimentary system to burn the food, there is no benefit. So, the best time to have yoga is when you are empty in the morning, if you just having a large dinner, you should have the practice 3-4 hours later, and then having food half hour later of yoga.
In yoga world, we can divided food into 3 kinds, the first one is tamasik food, usually refer to non-vegetable and fruit food, or food made by a lot of process, this kinds of food will let us feel lazy. The second kind of food is rajasik food, that kind of food was changed when they are cooking, usually, it has a lot of seasoning, so, this kind of food will let us more exciting. The third kind of food, we call it Sattvik food, it usually used to refer food which is natural, have not have too much seasoning, and have not have so mach cooking process, such as, such as fruits, such as vegetables, such as milk, those kind of food will let us fell relax, and easy to be digest, you will feel energy after you having this, people who having yoga can have this kind of food usually.
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