Why Over 80% Of New Year Resolutions To Lose Weight Fail Within One Month

It's the January rush and gyms around the world are flooded with people asking for explanations on how to lose weight quickly and effectively. That's right, it's New Year's resolution time again. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of people who make weight loss their ultimate resolution for the new year tend to get absolutely nowhere and find themselves making the exact same goal twelve months later.

Let's look at why people find it difficult to get lasting results.

The truth is you are certainly not alone in this situation. Year after year, countless people make the decision to get fit when January 1st swings around and most people don't see any progress towards the fat loss goal they repeatedly set for themselves as each new calendar year begins.

As you might expect, if you start telling yourself that your life is going to completely change just because the calendar says January 1st you are probably going to fall off the rails pretty quickly. Your life is a long-term thing, therefore any attempts to change it also need to be long-term, too.

This quick fix mentality is something which holds countless people back from seeing any good results with their diet and it's a cycle which can take years to break. If you've been setting end-of-year weight loss goals purely because it's January and you think it's what you're supposed to do, then you need to assess why you're actually trying to build a better body in the first place.

If you are genuinely serious about changing your body, the first thing you must realize is that your body doesn't care what day it is. Nor does it matter what month it is. The failure mentality which causes you to set your goals around the 1st of January is the same one which tells you to start again next week when you succumb to a cheat meal on a Tuesday. Why not start again immediately?

Successfully dieting to burn fat works no matter what day of the week, or date of the month it happens to be. If you make excuses to fail, such as trying to tell yourself that you'll start your diet again next week because it's Tuesday and you've enjoyed a piece of junk food, you won't get anywhere.

If you make a concerted effort to work at a small calorie deficit, combined with drinking plenty of water and eating small, regular meals you will see good results regardless of what time of year you start.

And that concludes today's guide. In truth, there is no secret formula which is going to kick-start your results purely because the festive season is over. It's all going to come down to you, and it doesn't matter what time of year it is. Should you be genuinely serious about learning how to lose weight and maintaining it, you will not find results too hard to come by.


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