10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (We Tried Them!)

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Tried-and-true tips)

Sick of chasing fad diets? Time to hop off the bandwagon and get some down-to-earth advice from people who have been there, done that.

Sure, we spend our days sifting through the latest research and asking super-toned celebrities about their workout secrets. At the end of the day, though, peeling off the pounds is just as challenging for us as it is for anyone else.

These 10 diet tricks aren't always easy to stick to, but they've worked for us.


10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Put away the food scale)

"Portion control isn't about measuring; it's about ordering two appetizers instead of an entrée and cutting back on bread if you have pasta."

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Stash fruit)

"Keep fruit at work. It helps during the I-need-chocolate part of the afternoon."

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Shake chocolate)

"When I'm trying to drop a few pounds, I carry around a shaker cup of chocolate protein powder. If I'm ravenous, I add the water, and it fills me up so I don't eat something high-calorie instead."


10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Set limits, then go nuts!)


"In the cafeteria I use a 4-by-4-inch Styrofoam box, and I put whatever I want in there. It's almost impossible to overeat."


10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Floss for dessert)

"Brushing my teeth after dinner makes me less likely to eat again before I go to bed."

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Take a 'before' photo)

"Before I got in shape, a friend convinced me to take photos of myself wearing nothing but a sports bra and underwear. Anytime I fall off the wagon I look at those pics—that's all the motivation I need!"



10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Avoid liquid calories)

"Cut out drinks with calories—juice, lemonade, and, hardest of all, after-work wine."





10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Break out the skinny jeans)

"Wear something tight! It provides the extra bit of motivation to lay off the fries."





10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Pitcher this)

"Fill a pitcher with water and cucumbers. It's pretty—and it feels like a treat."

10 Fast Weight Loss Tips (Set aside leftovers)

 "Serve yourself, then immediately pack the leftovers in a Tupperware container and store in the fridge."


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