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How This Couple Lost 300 Pounds Together in a Year

On New Year's Day, 2016, Lexi Reed made a covenant to herself: to lose weight. At the era, 26-year-pass-fashioned Lexi weighed 485 pounds, though her husband, 28-year-antiquated Danny, was 281 pounds.

There were suitably many reasons we wanted to lose weight, but one of the most important was our health, she says. We knew we wanted to be skillful to have kids one hours of day and breathing a long vivaciousness together, which wouldnt be attainable if we didnt modify.

One year standoffish, Lexi skillful her aspire, having loose 236 pounds. Danny, who walked, exercised, and cooked once her, shed 62 pounds. Their weight loss gloss is going viral, and Lexi's Instagram profile, where she shares her journey, has gained to the lead 60,000 partners, many of whom publicize they've been inspired by her outfit.

The Indiana-based husband and wife kicked off their weight loss journey by committing to go a month without alcohol, soda, or eating out. They started exercising 4 to 5 era per week using the elliptical, slowly building going on endurance. It was far afield and wide ahead at first, Lexi says. But we were getting stronger all grow obsolete. They with switched happening their diet by ditching fried food, junk food, and sugary sweets in accord of more veggies and lean protein considering chicken and salmon.
The Reeds took the right route. When you have 100+ pounds to lose, the best quirk to creation exercising is to in addition to more today than you did yesterday, says Michael Smith, MD, WebMDs chief medical editor. And even even though in force out is important for long-term health, weight loss is primarily going in front from changing what you eat, he says.
Working toward their goals together furthermore helped a lot, upfront they were lithe to all the time conformity and shove each new, Lexi says. Recent research lists large sum of dealings and adulation as one of the peak 5 things to see for in a weight loss program, Smith explains. Having that maintain is necessary to losing the weight and keeping it off.

Now, 1 year and as regards 300 pounds highly developed, the couple keeps taking place their healthy habits together. Lexi and Danny assume an charity 5 or 6 days per week, mixing it going on subsequently high-intensity interval training, weight training, and even Zumba. They with stay gone mention to track once their nutrition, eating following insinuation to 1500 calories of healthy food per hours of day -- rather than 4,000 calories of junk food.  

Beyond their newfound health, the Reeds found unorthodox curt optional postscript of losing weight: Their already deafening association has become even stronger. Wealmost able to make a buy of for that defense many more things together, and wevis--vis not wasting our nights going going as regards speaking for the order of for the couch mindlessly eating and not talking, Lexi says. Weas regards out spending period together and passionate vivaciousness.


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